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It says I don't have permission to open the image pack zip file?


While Orc Borg does not require tactical miniature combat, that is the way my group will be playing it (might plugin Forbidden Psalm like rules). Anyone else wishing to do so, I found the perfect set of 15mm space orc minis (30 for only $14.99) on etsy.

Any chance of a spreads version of the PDF so the map isn’t split? This is rad. Thanks for putting it up for sale for those of us who missed the Kickstarter!

Hi there! I just saw this comment today and uploaded a spreads version :D


You rule! Thanks for uploading that.

My pleasure! 

Will there be a print-friendly version?

Hello! I just uploaded a spreads version that you can print! (There won't be a black-and-white version, sorry.)