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ROTER ZWERG is the first official dungeon map for ORC BORG, the game of viciously accelerating the Apocalypse in a magnificent junk rocket.

AS THE DERELICT HOONS THROUGH SPACE it collects all sort of debris and weirdness. The most recent addition to the structure is the ROTER ZWERG, a space dwarf mining ship, which has smashed into the side of it and kept on going straight through thanks to its out-of-control plasma borer.

It's fallen to YOU, a group of shiftless orcs with weird robot bits, to break in to the Zwerg and stop it from sawing the Derelict in half. Or to at least steal something interesting from it before it passes out the other side.

ROTER ZWERG is a point-crawl dungeon for ORC BORG. It includes a map of the Zwerg, random encounters, stats for two kinds of space dwarf and two kinds of robot, and a lot of jokes disguised as room descriptions.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this dungeon map you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RZ image pack.zip 2 MB
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It says I don't have permission to open the image pack zip file?


While Orc Borg does not require tactical miniature combat, that is the way my group will be playing it (might plugin Forbidden Psalm like rules). Anyone else wishing to do so, I found the perfect set of 15mm space orc minis (30 for only $14.99) on etsy.

Any chance of a spreads version of the PDF so the map isn’t split? This is rad. Thanks for putting it up for sale for those of us who missed the Kickstarter!

Hi there! I just saw this comment today and uploaded a spreads version :D


You rule! Thanks for uploading that.

My pleasure! 

Will there be a print-friendly version?

Hello! I just uploaded a spreads version that you can print! (There won't be a black-and-white version, sorry.)